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Ponds are a great place to watch wildlife, and the great thing about the Brilliant Creatures Pond in a Bowl is that you can build it anywhere - in a garden or yard, at school or even on a balcony!

Once built, your pond will attract brilliant insects like dragonflies and pond skaters, birds will come to drink from it and you might even get frods, toads and newts!

You will need:

An old washing up bowl (if you haven't got one, you can pick them up quite cheaply - try your local pound shop), some gravel, pebbles and sticks, water to fill the bowl and, to make the pond nice and shady, you can add pond weed which you can get from pet shops and garden centres.

Firstly, rinse out the washing up bowl to remove any leftover dirt or suds.
Now pour in a layer of gravel.

A height of about 2cm is perfect.
Next, arrange your pebbles around the edge, piling them up in the corner so that they reach the top of the bowl, this will help the creatures get in and out of the pond.
When you're happy with the pebbles it's time to put your pond in place. One way is to dig a hole just large enough to fit the bowl and sink it into the ground.

Once in, just neaten up the edges.
The other way is to place it on the ground and build up ramps around the side with rocks and bits of wood, so that the creatures can get in and out of the pond.
Now you can add the water.

Make sure that you fill the bowl up to the top. Otherwise, animals will not be able to climb out again!

In hot weather, keep topping up the water so that it doesn't dry out.
To give creatures a place to shelter you can pile up extra stones and wood around the edge of your bowl.

You can also use branches and twigs to give visiting creatures alternative entry and exit points.
An excellent touch is to add pond weed.

Just push the roots into the gravel at the bottom of the bowl to keep them in place.
Now just sit back and watch the creatures that will come to make their home in your pond!
If you want to know more about the animals you attract to your pond you can get a book from the library or look at our guide which you can get here.

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