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Because we know so little about the ocean floor, and the pitch black waters that wash over it, many of the creatures that live there are a mystery to us.

But there's one that we know does exist - the Japanese giant spider crab.
This is the only one in the UK. He's from the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham.

Their natural habitat is some 300m beneath the Pacific Ocean around Japan, where they scrape away looking for dead animals and shellfish to feed on.
This one already measures 1m from claw to claw.

When full grown, it'll reach 3.8m - as big as a small car!

That makes this the biggest crab in the world.
Here's a reconstruction of how he'll size up to Stephen when fully grown.

Imagine the damage those claws could do. Not a creature you'd want to bump into, eh?
These crabs are thought to live for up to a hundred years - giving this one plenty years yet.

A true monster of the deep.

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