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With a brilliant spider ladder you will never be faced with creepy crawlies trapped in your bath again!

You will need:

Scissors, a lot of string, some blu-tack and some drinking straws.

Stack the straws together and carefully cut them down into 3cm lengths with the scissors.

These act as the rungs on your ladder.
Now take a 3m lenth of string and double it over (ie fold it in half) until the ends meet.

Stick the other end of string (where the fold is) into a piece of blu-tack on a smooth surface.
Thread one end of the string through one of the pieces of straw and then take the other end of the string and feed it through the other end of the straw.

Pull the string until you are left with a big loop - this is what you'll use to fix the ladder to the bath taps.
Now do the same thing with the next piece of straw, and the next, and the next - and so on.

Keep going until your ladder is long enough to reach the bottom of your bath.
When the ladder is long enough, just tie the remaining ends together...
...then snip off the loose ends.
Just drop the big loop over the taps and now your ladder is ready for action - and any spiders that drop into your bath can make their escape unseen!

For some great spider facts, have a look at this!

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