It’s really easy to crush an egg in your hands, isn’t it?
But what if wanted to crack an egg, and you were a bird?

It’d be very hard, wouldn’t it?
Well here’s one bird that has no problem doing just that – it’s the Egyptian egg-eating vulture – also known as the pharoah’s chicken.
That’s because it looks a bit like a scruffy chicken, doesn’t it?
You might think that it uses its long beak to peck into the egg.

But no – it has a much better technique!
It picks up the egg in its beak and drops it to the floor, to break into it, and tuck in that way.
Now check this out – it’s an ostrich egg!

It’s huge, and can hold the weight of Stephen and Gail (total 114kg) if they stand on it.

In fact, Stephen’s standing on the egg in this picture!
Ostrich eggs are the strongest eggs in the world.

It would take 40 minutes to hard boil one, and you could fit 24 chicken eggs inside one!
Gail proved that it wasn’t a trick egg by cracking it into a bowl.
The Egyptian egg-eating vulture loves nothing more than tucking into the eggs of other birds. But can it get into an ostrich egg?

Gail and Stephen put it to the test!
The vulture can’t pick the egg up with its mouth – it’s too big. So how does it do it?

Well, it’s all to do with pebbles.
These birds will actually walk up to 40m from an abandoned egg just to find the perfect pebble – double the length of the Brilliant Creatures studio!
Once they’ve found the perfect pebble, the vulture picks it up with its beak…
…and uses it as a tool to crack it onto the egg, in the same position repeatedly.
The Egyptian egg-eating vulture is one of the only birds in the world to use tools like this, making it one brainy bird!
If the egg is hit enough times, it cracks and the vulture can eat.

A real cracker, eh?