This brilliant creature is exceptionally dangerous.

Just one bite and you wonít be able to move a muscle. In fact you wonít be able to breathe, or scream!

Itís the blue ringed octopus.
Despite its small size, this is the most deadly octopus.

It has two venom glands the same size as its brain. They contain one of the toxic substances known to man!
One octopus this size has enough venom to kill 10 men.
The octopus injects its venom with a beak thatís a bit like that of a parrot.

Itís hidden amongst all those tentacles.
It actually looks like this.

This is a real octopus beak!
Itís quite surprising that a lot of people who get bitten by these creatures donít actually know they have, until the deathly symptoms start to come on.

Firstly, you start to feel sick to the stomach.
Next your speech becomes slurred, and your vision blurred.
And then you wonít be able to move a muscle as paralysis sets in.

Pretty bad, eh?
The blue ringed octopus comes in at number two in our top five Brilliant But Deadly countdown.
Risk zone Ė the seas around Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Time till death Ė less than ten minutes!
Thereís no antivenom available, but some people have recovered after receiving immediate hospital care.
Number of deaths Ė two recorded, although many more unreported cases are likely.
The blue ringed octopus Ė beautiful, and totally brilliant at being deadly.