Here's a great chance to surprise your friends!

Next time one of them promises something unusual or impossible why not offer to "eat your hat" if they manage it. Because with this make, you really can - so you needn't worry!
If you'd like to have a go, here's what you need to do.

Start off by getting a bowl that's slightly smaller than the hat you'd like to make.

Turn it upside down on a piece of clean plastic.
Build up the shape around the bowl by folding up sheets of kitchen towel and sticking them on with tape.

Cover the whole bowl this way.
When that's done, make it waterproof by adding a couple of layers of clear wrap or cling film over the top.

Tuck underneath the bowl to secure in place.
The hat is made from rice paper which can be bought from most supermarkets.

You'll need about two packs.
You'll use the rice paper in a similar way to paper maché - but you don't need any glue, just water!

Fill a jug of cold water, and if you like, add some drops of liquid food flavouring to give your hat a taste!
Tear up the sheets of rice paper into strips, and paste them over the mould you've made by using a pastry brush dipped in the water.
Cover the whole hat in this way.

Also, depending on the design of hat you want, remember to carry on over the plastic.

As you can see here, this one is a baseball hat and has a peak.
When the pasted rice paper has dried you can start to decorate the hat.

Use food colouring instead of paint. Use it undiluted and paint it on with a pastry brush.

When you're finished, leave it to dry.
When it's dry, carefully peel the hat off the plastic and bowl mould.
Now you can now decorate your edible hat!

All you need are colourful sweets and tubed icing which works very well as a sort of glue to stick them on with.
Stick the sweets on by putting a blob of icing on the hat first and then sticking the sweet in place.
For added realism, you can use black or dark-coloured tubed icing, or liquorice threads to represent any stitching.
That completes your edible hat.

Highly fashionable, and yummy too!

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